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How to Create an Gmail account?

Create Gmail Account : Now you can create a free gmail account so that you can access all your office/project and all kind of mails at one place now with free space of 15GB exclusively for mail storage from all your clients and colleagues just one click to go and check out the way to create gmail account for free is largest e-mail service in the world. This Google service helps the user to interact with people; Gmail account helps it user to share files and messages with people around the world. It also offers access to many services like Google analytics, Google Adsense, Google maps and Google maps for free of cost. Even to sign up for social media websites like Facebook on need to have a Gmail account. Gmail account is important to get access to variety of services on the web.

All you need to do to get Gmail account is to spare few minutes and fill the steps given. This is available free of cost for the users globally and is useful to do many things. In olden days people used to send messages through post which is a long process and this also costs money and consume time though it is lee. The noted benefit with Gmail is any user who create Gmail Account can store 15GB to save all your data.

How to Create a Account?

Coming to the purpose of creating a account one can get access many other services on the web also with the account you created in Gmail. User can create with so many accounts as it is highly helpful useful to create different accounts for different purposes and mainly when you forget the password you will get a link to the recovery mail which is given in the sign up process. Apart from all these lets give a detailed description about how to create a Gmail account

Here is the step by step process to sign up for Gmail

  1. First open the official link to create a Gmail account “” and you will see Username and password blank spaces where you will also find the option create gmail account at last.
  2. By clicking on that then user will be redirected to a page to create a new account and here so many details are asked to fill.
  3. Fill the appropriate details in the empty boxes without any mistakes
  4. At last you have to enter the characters in the image to confirm. Enter the characters correctly.
  5. Lat step user should do is to agree the terms and conditions by clicking on the empty square box.
  6. After Gmail Sign In now you can even perform the login from your device and access your mails instantly

Inbox by Gmail is now available with text formatting features

Inbox by Gmail created a lot buzz when it was firstly launched last year al though when it was launched it was invite based only meaning you can install this app only if you get an invitation from your friends. Now the app is available for free on almost every platform and the search giant Google is busy promoting the app to its users.

All the users can now directly access the inbox by gmail on you android, iOS for free with all new texting features just check out how it can be done now

This app is loaded with features like Multi send options and Undo sent features now we have got the news that Gmail has even updated the text formatting features on the app. But, many like the idea of Inbox is to keep your inbox clean, also we believe many users would have appreciated richer text formatting options too.

If you are daily user of Inbox that means you are in luck now as the Google has recently announced that they have made some changes to the service and it will now be able to offer up better text formatting features on Inbox app for all platform. Inbox app has now the ability to create numbered or bulleted lists, write text that is italics, underlined, or bold, and users can also be able to create links.

As we have suggested earlier these are much basic text formatting options that should have been there from the start on the app, and for some reasons search giant did not feel that it was particularly needed. Now we suppose better late than never, as an Inbox user you should be able to access those text formatting options now.